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Loish and his mom call-in interview

Starts at around 3:07:32 in the download

Loish's mom: Hello.
Mutt: Hi, you're a sweetheart! How are you?
Loish's mom: I like your dog.
Mutt: Oh, you like me?
Loish's mom: Uh-huh.
Mutt: Oh, thank you. I have fleas, but, you know, besides that, I'm okay.
Loish's mom: Oh, that's okay.
Mutt: I hope you don't have fleas.
Loish's mom: No, not any I know of.
Mutt: No fleas on you. Where exactly are you located?
Loish's mom: In Texas.
Mutt: Is it warm?
Loish's mom: Very hot.
Mutt: Do you have lots of tumbleweeds blowing around your front yard?
Loish's mom: Not yet.
Mutt: Do you ever have some?
Loish's mom: No.

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