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Calendar of FPS Events and Guests

If you would like to reserve a slot to be a Guest Fursuiter or Puppeteer on FPS, please click on the appointment link below to find a week. You will need a Google account to sign up.

The time slot is for 4 hours, but you are under no obligation to stay for the entire 4 hours. Be aware that we don't know if a show night might be cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control, so there is a slight possibility your slot could get cancelled. Currently, guests come on the air via Zoom. A Zoom link will be provided to you before your appearance.

Some basic requirement and rules..

  • You must be able to speak in fursuit. While pantomime is cute in person, it will get very old and frustrating during a Zoom feed.
  • Be sure your microphone is free and clear of other external noise sources, such as fans (laptop mics are really bad, since they pick up internal fan noise)
  • Be sure you have good lighting on your fursuit/puppet. It will only help the audience to see the details of your character
  • No excessive foul language. While we are in the PG-13 range, and an occasional bad word can slip, we try not to make it a point to just go all foul
  • No copyrighted background music. We don't have a license to play it, and we don't want to be struck off Twitch.
  • Try to stay in character as much as possible.
  • We understand it can get hot, and if you need to take a break, please do so. This is for fun, no need to kill yourself over it.
  • Try to make the night you picked to appear. When you sign up, you prevent others from choosing the night. We set that aside for you. If you cancel / no show frequently, we may bar you from getting slots in the future.
  • In order to allow slots for other to get a chance to appear, we request that you don't book any more frequently than once every 6 months.

Guest Sign Up