The Pecker Sisters

Undeniably the loudest and most annoying things to ever hit the Pawpet show, the Pecker sisters, Blueberry and Strawberry, are as inseparable as, well, birds of a feather, even though Strawberry moved away some time ago. They and their multicolored flock of friends will, on occasion, fly by and take over the show with a crazy dance party. On a side note, it’s been said that they can break the world record for loudest scream.


  • Blueberry is voiced by Liesl
  • Strawberry is voiced by Jess
  • Poisonberry is voiced by Crystal
  • Blackberry is voiced by whoever is around.
  • Yappy Fox who also introduced a male version of Blueberry in Episode 250
  • “Dingelberry” is sometimes used to refer to any of the peckers as well…
  • Lemon Party, who appeared in episode 726, was performed by Star