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RUMORS ARE TRUE! We are back! After a year hiatus, recharge, soul searching….

It did feel we did miss our audience. Without the show, we kind of lost our contacts with the world.

We have decided to come back with a looser, simpler format.

We will be doing shows on Sunday Nights, 18:00 Eastern Time (6pm New York Time)

We won't be weekly, or we might.. Or Bi-weekly.. Or maybe monthtly at minimum. We are trying to make it less stress on the cast wich is getting to old for this stuff every week!

We will not be paying or dealing with the big music giants, so we will be using fandom created original content or public domain. The biggest hassles were the music licensing, and we don't want to deal with that.

We won't be recording chat logs, since that is no longer a possibility, but the shows should still be archived when aired.

Art Jams Drop Box: Art Jams Drop Box

General Audio and Video Contributions Drop Box is at: FPS A/V Drop Box