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Episode: 757

Airdate: Sep 09, 2018  [Download] [Artjams and other files ] restarts!

NOTE: a YouTube upload of this show is available at



Big Thanks!

Thank you to Dougal Dragon fo having captured the stream as it happened, to save for the archives when there was a failed studio recording!


  • Mongoo (Subservient)

Show Highlights

  • The cast tries to find themselves and their usual props…
  • Rummage tries to explain music licensing and why the show is now doing with just royalty free music.
  • Male anatomy lessons with KuddlePup and Mutt
  • Kuddlepup talks about his health issues and how FPS helps him cope.
  • JackRabbit tells about not recognizing Mach in an elevator…
  • Rummage tells about disposing a mattress
  • Johnny Mantis forgot what to do… STRIKE!
  • The new “PawTweet” is created: Dial in to “YAK2PAWPET” and leave a 10 second voice message. No more!
  • Bronson Van Der Bear reads some of the most unfortunate foreign translations of product names and slogans
  • YappyFox retells the story about the 9/11 episode.
  • The cast remembers their experience with the 9/11 events.
  • The cast discusses places they would like to visit
  • The cast throws around ideas for new closing songs…

Videos shown

  • Acid Flashback: NASA talk about MAGs

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Bronson “Next week, OH Pawpet in this timeslot, tune in!”
  • everybody “Good night!”(or similar)