Steve Sandell, better known in the furry fandom as BassMan (“Bass” pronounced like the fish or British ale) Is a traveling carnival worker who appeared on the show back on April 6, 2008. When on the show, he did the roll call, set up and demonstrated a bottle-up game, and did subservients as a clown.

In his second appearance on the show (Jan. 11th, 2009), He reprised his clown role as well as introduced 2 of his own pawpets: Irwyn (a converted Nanco alligator plushie) and Cizarny (a Folkmanis Glen Terrier). Near the end of the show, he also volunteered to be hypnotized into Pee Wee Herman.

When not traveling, BassMan resides in Burlington, IA even though he was born in Iowa City, IA. His fursona is a schnauzer who can often be seen wearing an Iowa Hawkeyes hat. Steve claims that he came up with the “BassMan” moniker at the age of 16 when during Boy Scout summer camp, he accomplished an unusual feat: while the biggest fish in camp was normally awarded to a catfish, he caught the biggest fish that year, but it was a 19 and 1/2 inch-long (about 10 lbs. in weight) largemouth bass. The Moniker was enhanced in November, 2009 when he caught an even bigger bass weighing 13 lbs.


BassMan owns two pawpets, who he brought to the show Jan. 11, 2009:

Cizarney - Folkmanis Glen Terrier

Irwyn - Nanco Alligator