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This is a rundown of the activities that were featured in episode 704, episode 704, including all answers to any questions or puzzles.


Starts at around 3:07:26 in the download. The cast is each given a piece of paper with something they have to write a response to, and they had to try and write a response that the audience would like the most.

Question #1:
What is your secret superhero name?

  • Pooper Scooper - AUDIENCE PICK

Question #2:
What's hiding under your bed?

  • Cat hair balls
  • My feelings - AUDIENCE PICK

Question #3:
What is the name of a rejected cartoon series?

  • Poink's Hard Drive
  • My Spoon is Too Big - AUDIENCE PICK

Question #4:
What gives you nightmares?

  • Lion King sequels
  • Yappy's anus - AUDIENCE PICK

Question #5:
What is the worst possible choice at a fast food restaurant?

  • Anything Checkers
  • Roasted raccoon - AUDIENCE PICK

Question #6:
A flavor of potato chip that you wish existed.

  • Cheeseburger - AUDIENCE PICK
  • A salty surprise

Question #7:
Something that will make the Funday Pawpet Show better.

  • Going off the air
  • A Fleshlight - AUDIENCE PICK

Question #8:
Name of a soda pop for adults only.

  • Peckerfizz

Question #9“
Florida's least-known tourist attraction.

  • Lou Gardens
  • The World of Colonoscopy - AUDIENCE PICK

Question #10:
What is the worst place for a Summer vacation?

  • My anus - AUDIENCE PICK
  • Hell

Final Question:
What is the real reason Mutt's laptop died?

  • He dragged the system volume into the trash
  • He touched it - AUDIENCE PICK
  • A sticky keyboard
  • A coffee spill
  • A salty surprise

Poink: 5 - WINNER
Yappy: 4
Mutt: 3
Star: 3
Simba: 2

Name That Toon

Starts at around 3:36:26 in the download. The audience and cast had to guess the cartoon character based on the close-up.

  • Snagglepuss
  • Eduardo, from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
  • GIR, from Invader ZIM
  • Master Shake, from Aqua Teen Hunger Force
  • He-Man
  • Mystery Toon: Lord Hater, from Wander Over Yonder
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