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This is a rundown of the activities that were featured in episode 701, episode 701, including all answers to any questions or puzzles.


Starts at around 1:18:45 in download. The cast is each given a piece of paper with something they have to write a response to, and they had to try and write a response that the audience would like the most.

Question #1:
The worst theme for a new video game.

  • Detroit
  • Adulthood - AUDIENCE PICK

Question #2:
The worst name for a new Pawpet character.

  • Meat

Question #3:
The worst thing you can find in your chalupa.

  • A fingernail

Question #4:
An item on every pervert's grocery list.

  • Cucumbers and whole chicken
  • Cucumbers and mayo - AUDIENCE PICK

Question #5:
A good catchphrase to yell every time you're finished pooping.

  • “Ain't No Mountain High Enough”
  • “Wilson!” - AUDIENCE PICK

Question #6:
The name of a children's book written by someone who hates children.

  • “Why Your Parents Don't Love You” - AUDIENCE PICK
  • “Fox in Socks” by Dr. Seuss

Question #7:
What is that smell?

  • Yappy farted

Question #8:
What they really found in King Tut's tomb.

  • Sand
  • An illegally purchased copy of “Bolt” - AUDIENCE PICK

Question #9:
The best use for a leftover meatball.

  • Bandit - AUDIENCE PICK
  • On top of spaghetti

Final Question:
The item in Batman's utility belt that he keeps a secret.

  • A condom
  • A Fleshlight - AUDIENCE PICK

Poink: 4 points - WINNER
Avery: 3 points
Mutt: 2 points
Star: 2 points

Audience Against Humanity

Starts immediately after Quiplash in the download. Mutt played a Cards Against Humanity-style game with the channel.

What is the next Happy Meal toy?

  • Star's favorite: Sakana_Katana
  • Mutt's favorite: 50 Shades of Ronald
  • Poink's favorite: restraining order

It's a pity that kids these days are all getting involved with ________.

TSA guidelines now prohibit ________ on airplanes.

Are You Smarter Than KP?

Starts at around 3:05:14 in the download. The guest for the night's show goes up against Kuddlepup to participate in a game show with viewer-submitted questions. The answers are always numbers, and whoever is the closest scores a point.

Question #1:
What is the running time of Zootopia? (submitted by Cirrus)

  • Avery's answer: 80 minutes
  • KP's answer: 142 minutes
  • Correct answer: 108 minutes

Question #2:
How many unique species are depicted in Zootopia? (submitted by Sakana_Katana)

  • Avery's answer: 33
  • KP's answer: 65
  • Correct answer: 64

Question #3:
There have been many adaptations based on Journey to the West (a.k.a. The Monkey King). The first animated film based on it was made in China in what year? (submitted by Ogg)

  • Avery's answer: 1968
  • KP's answer: 1962
  • Correct answer: 1941

Question #4:
Number of states in Australia? (submitted by Zorro)

  • Avery's answer: 9
  • KP's answer: 6
  • Correct answer: 6

Question #5:
How many years did the Han Dynasty last? (submitted by Slaevek)

  • Avery's answer: 98
  • KP's answer: 94
  • Correct answer: 426

Question #6:
How many Pokemon are there as of 2016? (submitted by Donovan)

  • Avery's answer: 520
  • KP's answer: 1,240
  • Correct answer: 721

Question #7:
What is the weight of an Oscar statuette? (submitted by Foxtrot)

  • Avery's answer: 4 lbs
  • KP's answer: 4.2 lbs
  • Correct answer: 8.5 lbs

Question #8:
In feet per second, what is the speed of sound in stainless steel? (submitted by Conqure)

  • Avery's answer: 1200
  • KP's answer: 880
  • Correct answer: 19,107

Question #9:
How much did Deadpool make in its opening weekend domestically? (submitted by Kaster)

  • Avery's answer: $330 million
  • KP's answer: $174 million
  • Correct answer: $132 million

Final Question:
How many episodes were there in the BBC run of Around the World with Willy Fog? (submitted by Shane_Graytail)

  • Avery's answer: 18
  • KP's answer: 12
  • Correct answer: 26

Tiebreaker Round

Since this week's game ended in a tie after the usual 10 questions, a Tiebreaker Round of three questions was held.

Question #1:
How many muscles does a cat have in each ear? (submitted by Woyro)

  • Avery's answer: 24
  • KP's answer: 26
  • Correct answer: 32

Question #2:
The winningest driver in the NASCAR Spirit Cup Series is Richard Petty. How many wins does he have? (submitted by KidCrash)

  • Avery's answer: 60
  • KP's answer: 14
  • Correct answer: 200

Question #3:
How old was (the actor who played) Father Ted when he died this week? (submitted by Omadaun; discounted)

  • Avery's answer: 68
  • KP's answer: 81
  • Correct answer: 77

Question #3 (re-try):
What year marked the debut of the Pillsbury Doughboy? (submitted by CCritt)

  • Avery's answer: 1928
  • KP's answer: 1937
  • Correct answer: 1965

KP: 7 points - WINNER
Avery: 6 points