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What are we? Having started in November of 1999, we are the longest running internet streaming show, puppet or otherwise. We even pre-date YouTube!

We Broadcast on Sunday nights from 18:00 to 22:00 ET from Central Florida. (6pm-10pm New York Time)


We are using Twitch.TV as our broadcasting provider, so you can watch and subscribe over there to get notifications and to chat with the audience during the live shows! Click the Twitch logo above to take you right there!


Join our Discord Server to keep up with the topics during the week and to discuss show ideas in between live shows.


Catch past episodes and clips on YouTube!


Join us in the VRChat Chaos Lounge! You can participate in games, chat and random silliness while we are on the air! Click on the VRChat logo above to launch you right into VRChat Chaos Lounge! (You will need to have Steam and VRChat installed for this to work)

Blue Sky

Blue Sky!


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Financial Contributors!

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