Live from Megaplex 2011

This two hour episode was perormed live at Megaplex 2011 and broadcast using JustinTV, two hours before the usual showtime on Sunday, July 31st 2011.

The show can be viewed on YouTube here -




  • Nyancat
  • …and the entire live audience at Megaplex 2011

Show Highlights

  • Poink (in evil mode) reads from the “Holy Bible”… and gets escorted out by security
  • Roll call is sped up quite dramatically by making everybody in the audience call out their name at once.
  • Brunhilda is a bit shy…
  • Chad Krueger (GOH) gets interviewed by Ezra
  • Ten people form the audience get to repeat the Listerine challenge from Episode 186
  • …and Rasvar is brought in to make it harder on the remaining persons…
  • …two of which don't want to quit even after the cast calls it quits!
  • Creepy things at the con… large people on inflatable pool toys…
  • …which are brough on stage, at which time the stream dies.
  • The stream comes back in a round of “butt charades”
  • Uncle Kage gets a phallic bottle of tequila, got a vuvuzela as a present…
  • …and tells about the psycho stalker that followed him.
  • The “Pavlov Game” is played
  • FIXME name? sings Ave Maria
  • Prices for “Who has…?” FIXME game name?
  • Blitz gets put up in front of the stage for a big “GROUP TOUCH!”

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Yappy “We still got a number of Megaplex t-shirts we want to get rid of. So if you want one, go out into the lobby to the registration desk and we will sell you one!”