FPS Chat Room

As part of any interactive variety show, the Funday Pawpet Show relies on its viewers to provide feedback. One such method is the usage of an internet relay chat (IRC) room.

Where is this chat room?

The Funday Pawpet Show utilizes its own chat room, located on irc.pawpet.tv. Users can point an IRC client of their choice to this server and it will be automatically connected.

How Do I Get Connected?

If you already have an IRC client set up, you can use this link:


If that doesn't work, you need to get an appropriate IRC client for your computer.

  • A typical IRC client for Windows is mIRC
  • A typical IRC client for Linux is XChat

Simplied, crude instructions to get into channel

  • Load one of the above programs into your computer, and run it.
  • During the first time you run the program, you will be asked to pick a nickname and enter other details, such as your name and email address.
  • Nicknames should be no more than 15 characters, and contain no spaces or punctuation. The use of - and _ is ok (i.e. Puppet_Fan, FPS-Viewer, etc.)
  • Once you enter the dialog, and are taken to a window with a small single-line text entry box toward the bottom, click inside the text box.
  • Type in the following: /server irc.pawpet.org - or click the link above.
  • After a few moments you should see some random text, and somewhere in your IRC client, a tab or window should pop up with #pawpet as the title.
  • Click on that tab/window and you should see a list of people in that channel, as well as chatter from people already talking.
  • Before talking for the first time, be sure to check out the list of do's and do not's below.
  • To respond to people, you would type in the text box at the bottom of the window and hit the return key.

These should be the basics of getting online, and as you work the program more, you will learn the other functions, such as how to save server settings.

Basic (beginner's) list of do's and do not's in IRC

  • Spamming the channel is not appropriate, and is quite frowned upon. Spamming is defined as repeating the same word, phrase, or other text in a short period of time.
  • Use Standard American English when chatting, as many chatters use English as their first language.
  • To perform an action, such as *irc_user laughs at the puppet on stage you would type in /me laughs at the puppet on stage. Action lines are usually highlighted by the IRC client 1) and the “me” is replaced with your current nickname.
  • Use, but don't overuse acronyms. L O L, ROFLMAO and the likes can improve typing speed, but a conversation will get harder to follow if every other line has only an acronym on it.
  • Since IRC is text-based, your emotions - or rather your facial expression and the tone of your voice - won't show up on the other end. Be sure to mark sarcasm as such using 'smileys', also known as 'emoticons'. Common ones include :) - :( - ;) - :P or the horizontal versions like o.o - x.x and ^.^. Search the net for 'emoticons' to get more ideas!

Other Pawpet IRC Info

IRC Ports 6667 or 7000 (7000 is preferred, especially if you may have bad firmware in your router, or messed up firewall software)

SSL port: 6697 (self signed certificate)


(note entries in < > mean you supply your own password/email address, but do not include the <> )

Services are now active, so if you wish to protect your nick name, you may register your nickname. To do so, from your IRC client, type

/server irc.pawpet.tv:7000

Then after you are taken to the chat room..

/msg NickServ register <password> <email address>

Be sure to use a valid email address. You will receive an email that will tell you to type in another command. Once you have typed this command in, quit your IRC program and then restart.

Once you have done this, you will need to identify to the server, so after connecting, you would type:

/msg nickserv identify <password>

or you can use your password in the server password field and get automatically identified once you connect.

/server irc.pawpet.tv:7000:<password>

Or fill in the Server password field in your client's network settings.

If you wish to use multiple nicknames, you may add, or group nicknames together.

/nick <newnick>

/msg nickserv group <original nick> <password>


The Pawpet IRC is for goofiness and fun. In order to allow everybody to have fun and feel welcome, we have to enforce some rules: one person's right is another person's obligation and vice versa!

The following things are not tolerated, and may get you banned2):

  • Trolling
  • General “hate speech”
  • Spamming
  • Racial slurs
  • Sexual preference bashing
  • OS/Computer wars
  • X-rated topics (and links)
  • Religious discussion
  • Political discussion

Try to keep the general language to PG-13.

Other than that, the mood is just to be silly.

What if I can't install IRC, or I'm behind a nasty firewall?

You can utilize a web based irc client. It isn't pretty, but in desperate measures, it will get you in.

Web IRC Client via Mibbit

Fun Chat Room Statistics and Logs

mIRC uses magenta per default
It is up to the chat moderators to decide when a ban should be issued. In general, we will keep a log of the messages that caused offense to justify the action