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 +====== Timid ======
 +Out of the cold, dark depths of a wired cage, a young rabbit was born. This rabbit would grow up one day to be the multinational star that the world has embraced and loved. Well, not quite, but recognized, at least. Timlercheeme Issosanqueo Morseruntena Issishinkinum Daryerdeler,​ a name simplified into a calling his many fans have given him- Timid, has yet to really put his mark on the Pawpet show, but it’s only a short while until things really come together for him. Currently the pet rabbit of Raini, not by choice, of course, he has begun to take on a few attributes of his owner; namely, the Raini-factor blush. His cheeks are permanently tinted a dark shade of crimson, possibly from being called "​cute"​ one too many times. Also, Timid is somewhat shy, as he never speaks, choosing only to convey his feelings and thoughts in several different wrigglings of his nose. Although he still hasn’t fully appeared on the show yet, be sure that when Timid does, be ready to spot some qualities he’s picked up from Raini. ​