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 |Ian C|Ian J|IronFur|James P| |Ian C|Ian J|IronFur|James P|
 |Jason C|Jason K|Jedders|Jerzei Collie| |Jason C|Jason K|Jedders|Jerzei Collie|
-|John Wallaby|Johnny Blanco|Kael_Corgi|KalaallitAmatoq|+|John Wallaby|Johnny Blanco|Kael_Corgi|KalaallitAmaroq|
 |Kathmanddu|KipchaMamoru|Liang N|LolCakes| |Kathmanddu|KipchaMamoru|Liang N|LolCakes|
 |LordTallstoy|Lucas Bunny|Lunden|Malaika| |LordTallstoy|Lucas Bunny|Lunden|Malaika|