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 +====== Telethon 2010 ======
 +The telethon 2010 episode was [[Episode 482]].
 +A Big Thank You to ALL our contributors! ​ Without our audience, there would be no FPS, as we thrive and feed off the energy our audience puts forth everyweek in what is the largest IRC Channel in the Furry community! (True! ​ no other irc channel host 250+ non-idlish people!)
 +Here is a list (as of Nov 16) of people that donated to the FPS 2010 Telethon. In all Gross contributions were $6722  (Є107 included after conversion). If you add in the 4 new headsets that were donated, which are valued at $200ea, that puts us well over $7000 total. I will add names of those as the snail mail donations come in and other paypal donations get posted:
 +Brian Reynolds
 +Bjorn Grafeldr
 +Matt Wolfwood
 +Matthew Z.
 +Bungee Skunk
 +Reese Tora
 +David A.
 +Ian C.
 +Eric M.
 +Alan C.
 +edward M.
 +Steven G.
 +Barny Husky
 +Wild Bill TX
 +Peter H.
 +Thien H.
 +John L.
 +David F.
 +Christoph H.
 +Kevin L.
 +Nathan W.
 +Shane Graytail
 +Troy K.
 +Kevin R.
 +Brace Bear
 +Marco T.
 +Dalibor D.
 +Chayse Fox
 +noy k.
 +Bedlam Inc
 +Thomas N.
 +corbyn D.
 +Sparky Blue Fox
 +Robert T.
 +Brian G.
 +Justin R.
 +Marcelo T.
 +Novu Ferret
 +Colin Foxtail
 +Ian F.
 +Jamie P.
 +Dean S.
 +James W.
 +Leon V.
 +Wolfski Wolf
 +Alan O.
 +James W.
 +Aron S.
 +Mat Husky
 +Damon W.
 +Tyson W.
 +Paul W.
 +Chance S.
 +Joshua H.
 +Eric S.
 +Kae Kiama
 +Angel R.
 +Trevor B.
 +Albert Jr
 +Dave R.
 +Scott W.
 +Kane Husky
 +Robert T.
 +William T.
 +Squally Kanto
 +BlockBuster Bernard
 +BJ Buttons
 +David R.
 +Jason K.
 +David W.
 +Michael M.
 +Kai Yoshi
 +Brian M.
 +Scott B.
 +Mary R.
 +Jerzei Collie
 +Craig W.
 +Clarke M.
 +David A.
 +Robert K.
 +Edward L
 +Michael L
 +Sean L
 +Graeme M
 +Jeff L
 +Steven K
 +Dustin B
 +Chris R
 +Space Fox
 +Sibir Lupus
 +Alejandro R
 +Adrian W
 +Again  Thank You ALL!
 +===== Telethon 2010 - Auction Items =====
 +//items listed in order of announcement,​ not numerical//
 +  * **#2** [[Herbie]] creates a maquette - $800, BJButtons
 +  * **#1** [[Mutt]]'​s collar - $260, FangClawson
 +  * **#3** [[Blitz]]'​s paw-pillow - $150, Cerolobo
 +  * **#4** [[JackRabbit]]'​s stand-up video - $160, Wolfcat_ca
 +  * **#5** Rally - $50, Snowball
 +  * **#6** [[Brian Reynolds]] artwork - $180, Malaika
 +  * **#7** [[Kuddlepup]]'​s calligraphy - $80, Mephitis
 +  * **#8** Box-o-pawpets - $100, Malaika
 +  * **#9** Box-o-pawpets B - $50, FangClawson
 +===== External (audience) auctions and offers =====
 +  * WolfWithFangsOfWhite:​ Art commission - http://​www.furaffinity.net/​journal/​1864599/​ - **closed for $25, awalker1829**
 +  * Nedded: Art commission - http://​www.furaffinity.net/​journal/​1864615/​
 +  * Kresblain: Art commission - http://​www.furbuy.com/​auctions/​1020450.html - **closed for $26, Odakota_Furry**
 +  * DJ_Chilly: Art commission - http://​www.furbuy.com/​auctions/​1020451.html - **closed for $64, BlackfootFerret**
 +  * BucktownTiger:​ Song cover -  http://​www.furbuy.com/​auctions/​1020453.html - **closed for $60.88, CajunKitty**
 +  * hyenafur: $332USD worth of AirTran tickets - **closed for $96**
 +  * VixeN: Custom tail & ears commission: http://​www.furaffinity.net/​journal/​1864816/ ​ - **closed, no bids**
 +==== WolfWithFangsOfWhite ====
 +//excerpt from original journal//
 +I'm auctioning off a single character full color commission to raise money for the Funday Paw Pet Show.
 +Commission will include 1 character, fully lined, colored, and shaded, with a blank or single color background.
 +==== Nedded ====
 +//excerpt from original journal//
 +I'm going to be offering colored, shaded art for auction on FPS tonight. The lineart is done traditionally and colored on the computer. Send me a note if you're interested.
 +I am willing to draw anything, but be reasonable: Don't make a minimum bid of $10 and then ask for an intimate situation between 5 of your characters or something. I think you can be reasonable about this. 
 +==== Kresblain ====
 +//Auction description//​
 +An original art commission, done in the format seen here (digital color w/ soft shading), benefiting the FPS show. Good luck, everybody. ​
 +==== DJ_Chilly ====
 +//Auction description//​
 +You are viewing an auction as part of a fund raiser for the Funday PawPet Show. This donation is for a personalized 8-1/2" x 11" G-rated single character sketch, done in blue pencil and pen.
 +==== VixeN ====
 +I would like to Donate a custom Tail and Ear set!! Highest Offer wins and all proceeds go toward The Funday Pawpet Show!
 +==== BucktownTiger ====
 +One cover song, performed on piano/​keyboard in fursuit, of the winner'​s choice. ​ For an example of my work, here's last year's video, won by GreySnowCat:​ http://​www.youtube.com/​watch?​v=_5LYAd3wUxk - Contact bucktowntiger@gmail.com upon winning the auction. ​ Song may have to be negotiated, as there are some songs (such as very challenging classical pieces) that I just can't play in a fursuit; also, some songs are not very adaptable to keyboard - but I can learn/play most popular songs.
 +===== #1 - Mutt's collar =====
 +Mutt's collar, as worn by him during season 9 and 10.
 +===== #2 - Herbie Maquette =====
 +[[Herbie]] creates a custom maquette of the character of the auction winner.
 +===== #3 - Blitz'​s Paw-Pillows =====
 +Blitz offers to make/sell a paw shaped pillow.
 +===== #4 - JackRabbit'​s stand-up =====
 +Stand-up comedy by [[JackRabbit]] on a DVD (AVI-Files),​ signed.
 +===== #5 - Rally =====
 +Used rhino puppet: [[Rally]]
 +===== #6 - Brian Reynolds art =====
 +Artwork created by the famous [[Brian Reynolds]]
 +===== #7 - Kuddlepup'​s calligraphy =====
 +Calligraphy art done by the one and only [[Kuddlepup]].
 +===== #8 - Box-o-pawpets =====
 +A mixed collection of various used pawpets.
 +===== #9 - Box-o-pawpets B =====
 +A mixed collection of various used pawpets.