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-====== Spoiler ====== 
-The jovial jack-ass who'll spoil the book and then tell you the movie sucked, Spoiler the donkey always arrives ready to party.  He is also very quick to judge a situation, and sometimes acts like he runs the show.  His novel ideas rarely come to fruition, however, as he sounds like a country bumpkin and the cast has no idea what he's talking about half the time.  Spoiler shrugs cares away with a kick of his hooves and his signature hearty chuckle. 
-Spoiler is voiced by [[Kuddlepup]]. 
-===== Background ===== 
-Spoiler made his debut in [[episodes:episode_342|Episode 342]] where he introduced himself as "I'm not a donkey! I'm an Ass!". It was [[Poink]] who came up with a name for him, based on the fact that he popped up during a lengthy talk about movies and spoilers.