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-====== Seal of Disapproval ====== 
-Although Seal hasn't been seen as frequently as he used to, he left quite an impression on the fans. This can be seen in the [[chat_room|IRC channel]] when most of the audience goes "ORK, ORK, ORK!" whenever they think that the rating has been violated. 
-===== Bio ===== 
-Seal Of Disapproval was born off the east coast of Canada((sometimes also "off Pier 39 in San Francisco, CA")).  All his life, he was raised by a family that seemed to have no moral values, and seal was often thought of being a vulgar pup, due to his family's reputation.  Through out life, Seal hated being associated with that lifestyle, and decided to change his reputation through a career that could focus on doing just that.  Seal studied hard in school, and after a few years, became a censor.  Seal worked many censor jobs, but usually was not able to hold down a job very long due to his inability to speak very well.  The Funday PawPet Show hired him on since they needed a censor, but also allow him to every once in a while to burst out into song in his own manner.((Bio as read by Scritch on [[episodes:episode_33|Episode 33]])) 
-===== Background ===== 
-Seal of Disapproval first appeared on [[episodes:episode_5|Episode 5]]. Other names suggested for him were Lou Seal, Clubber Seal, and The Good Pawkeeping Seal.