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-====== Pawpet Broadcasting Network ====== 
-The "Pawpet Broadcasting Network" began as a parody/protest on the "SOPA" initiative with [[:Episodes:Episode 531]]. 
-During the course of the episode, the cast/crew acts out several different "themed" shows: E.g. "eastern german", "metrosex in the city". 
-The next episode planned to have this format was [[:Episodes:Episode 574|episode 574]] but shortly before the episode airing on January 6th 2013, [[Kuddlepup]] tweeted that the episode has to be postponed. 
-===== Shows ===== 
-  * [[:Episodes:Episode 531]] 
-  * [[:Episodes:Episode 575]] 
-  * [[:Episodes:Episode 614]] 
-  * [[:Episodes:Episode 652]] 
-  * [[:Episodes:Episode 695]] 
-  * [[:Episodes:Episode 734]] 
-There is no fixed scheduled for the next Pawpet Broadcasting Network show, only the idea of doing it as a first show in the new year. 
-===== Submissions ===== 
-For the Pawpet Broadcasting Network shows, [[Yappy Fox]] accepts **viewer made** [[video submissions]] (i.e. NO copyrighted material besides the usual licensed music) that are longer than the usual three minute limit. 
-===== Recurring segments ===== 
-  * //The Trans-European Happy for Living Sunday Show// - has appeared in every PBN show so far; an allegedly European version of FPS transmitted from the country of Gastroploopenstein. Expect lots of Pawpets who are happy for living - and lots of Flugeldances. 
-  * //The Gopher Hole// - the anti-Rabbit Hole, featuring happy-sounding music. 
-  * //The Good Word with Poink T. Weasel// - a religious show hosted by Poink. 
-  * //Channel 0 News// - a mock news broadcast segment, usually anchored by [[:Todd]]. 
-  * //Star Wars// - various Star Wars-related segments. 
-  * //As Seen On TV// - one of the cast members hocks a fake product. 
-===== Other uses ===== 
-The fan and furry made entertainment block around the Funday Pawpet Show is sometimes((e.g. [[:Episodes:Episode 606]])) referred to as "PBN" as well. These shows include "[[|The Rabbit Hole]]", "[[|OH Pawpets]]", "Radio Unifurse" and of course the show that started it all: "Rapid T. Rabbit".