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 +====== Poink's Christmas Carol ======
 +During the [[Episode 151|Christmas episode of 2002]] we learn that [[Poink]] hates Christmas.
 +After getting into a fight about it with the other cast members, he dozes off on the stage and
 +awakens into a Pawpet rendition of "A Christmas Carol"... which is slightly adapted to fit
 +the main character - i.e. [[Poink]]. In this version it is not the greed that prompts the
 +three ghosts, but rather his antics as a bad producer of - as he calls it - quality porn.
 +The "new Poink" lasts for about one song.
 +===== Cast =====
 +  * [[Poink]] as Scrooge
 +  * [[Rummage]] as Marley
 +  * [[Todd]] as Cratchit
 +  * [[Mini Yappy]] as Ghost of Christmas Past
 +  * [[Carrot]] as Tiny Tim
 +  * [[Bambi]] as Belle
 +  * [[Mutt]] as Ghost of Christmas Present
 +  * [[Scream Guy]] as Ghost of Christmas yet to come