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 +==Basic Info== ​
 +Name: NachtWolf --
 +Sex: Yes Plz j/k Male --
 +State: Pa --
 +Country: USA
 +==Little About The Name==
 +NachtWolf with Nacht meaning Night in German and Wolf well I'm a Wolf! :)
 +Now i know what your about to say well hes name is German he must be too! 
 +Sadly no I'm not German I pick the name for one reason the way it sounded and I love the Night
 +==About Me (a little More)==
 +I'm a little Wolf living in Pa. I am a North American Gray Wolf (ATM Not Done with coloring)
 +I like to lay around with my friends A.K.A my Husky. I might be a wolf but i love technology (Geeky Wolf) not really tho but i know my way around.
 +Currently attending EIT For Networking and Database. I'm planing on going to AC for the 1st time in 2010 I do not have a suit ATM but there is one in the works :)
 +==Talk To ME== 
 +AIM: NachtWolf88
 +Skype: NachtWolf881
 +Twitter: NachtWolf88
 +YouTube: http://​www.youtube.com/​user/​xNachtWolfx
 +MSN: Mammon88@aol.com
 +GoogleTalk: NachtWolf88
 +Myspace: myspace.com/​darksoul563
 +Furaffinity:​ http://​www.furaffinity.net/​user/​xnachtwolfx/​