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 +====== Michael ======
 +An avid young fan of the Pawpet Show who started watching on [[episode 345]], and joined the [[chat room]] for the first time on [[episode 349]]. ​ He's also a fan of furries, puppetry, and animation in general, and has said many times he'd gladly pick up where this show leaves off.
 +He's eager to help the cast and friends of the show out any way he can, whether that be by [[donations|donating]],​ promoting by word of mouth, or contributing to the wiki, where has written some [[character]] descriptions and is working on an improved and detailed [[episode guide]]. ​ He periodically sends in [[art jams]], and sometimes makes [[video submissions]] starring Ben, his sheepdog friend. ​ The only thing this fan has yet to do is actually swing by the show.
 +Michael'​s favorite pawpet is [[Ezra]].