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 +====== MARFLEBARK ======
 +"Oh Marflebark!"​ was uttered by [[Ezra]] during [[Episode 405]]. ​
 +Later that same show, [[Yappy Fox]] mentioned "He was marflebarking the whole night" and "He was marflebarked"​ when describing [[Kuddlepup]] after having several drinks.
 +[[Poink]] states that this should be Pee-wee Herman'​s word of the week.
 +Later again in the same show, [[Yappy Fox]] said "Now //​that'​s//​ marflebark!"​ in response to an inside-out [[the peckers|pecker]] pawpet.
 +Ever since the funny sounding word gets mentioned on the [[chat_room|IRC channel]] during the shows by various viewers.
 +According to [[Kuddlepup]],​ **marflebark** is just an "//​expression that one of the locals((Artick)) here uses//"​. There is no known meaning to the word, other than sounding funny.