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-====== Tony Löwenbräu ====== +MOVED, AS OF 2013/​11/​09 ​-[[Lowenbrau]] (The newer wiki-version handles umlauts ​in page names weird and that broke the linkagefile got renamed to Loewenbraeu links get translated to lowenbrau...)
-{{:​tony.png|}} +
- +
-Löwenbräu - the shaggy lion with the deep voice was introduced during ​[[Episode 387]], when [[Simba]] found a voice and [[Yappy Fox]] had a lion puppet to go with it. The puppet has already made an appearance before, where he was referred to as "​Tony"​ on [[Episode 358]]. Yappy also came up with the name, followed by a beer commercial for Löwenbräu beer. +
- +
-===== Background on the name ===== +
-The German name Löwenbräu ​(alternate spelling Loewenbraeu) translates as "​Lion'​s brew" and shows that this character has some German roots. A little historic background: ​The "​Löwenbräu"​ was a pub in Germany where Hitler held his first public appearances. Although it was named different first, pictures of the bombed remains show the "​Löwenbräu"​ sign. The brand name still exists ​and can be found on the internet [[http://www.loewenbraeu.de/]].+