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-====== Hump D. Camel ====== 
-===== Bio ===== 
-Hump lead a hard life in his home country of India.   He was abused hard being used as a delivery camel for the convenience store in his home town. After many years of hard labor in the hot climate, Hump one day made a break for it by boarding a delivery ship he was supposed to unload, and became a stowaway.  The Ships destination was back to America. Hump had many failed attempts to start a local convenience store from too much competition from 7-Eleven and  Cumberland Farms. He found a job on the Funday PawPet Show helping out with some of his talents and strength((Quote: "Like what?")).((Bio as read by Scritch on [[episodes:episode_33|Episode 33]])) 
-===== Background ===== 
-Hump is voiced by [[KuddlePup]].