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-====== Hugh Manatee ====== 
-Hughbert((See {{|Posting on FA}})) "Hugh" T. Manatee is a crotchety old mustachioed manatee who, on his good days, can match wits with [[Poink]].  He has an obsession with Jimmy Buffet, Chalupas, and Carvel's Fudgey the Whale.  Being old and endangered, he's under a lot of stress and has to look out for himself, but he can still dance and sing, which he thinks makes him "hip."  He is also vehemently opposed to “[[Beeble|beebling]].”  Hugh's a hero for hauling himself out of the water all the way to the Pawpet Show. 
-Hugh is voiced by [[JackRabbit]], who talks about the inception of his alter ego in an interview with TheSonicGod [[|here]]. 
-===== Background ===== 
-Hugh first appeared on the show during [[episodes:episode_334|episode 334]] after a discussion of missing furry critters in the fandom in [[episodes:episode_333|episode 333]] in which [[JackRabbit]] said he would like to see more banana slugs or manatees in the fandom...