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-====== Elitist Baby ====== 
-    Elitist Baby is an odd picture of a baby wearing a black shirt that vaguely resembles a real life Bobby Hill from the show "King of the Hill". Elitist Baby made his (or her) debut on [[episodes:episode_43|Episode 43]]. 
-   * Arthur : "I'm huge! I'm humungous! But I'm smaller than that kid's head!" 
-   * Mutt: "We were in Walmart the other day and we just ran across this picture. The picture comes with the frame. And we loved it! I loved it! And it was all over the store, it was like you just could not escape this kid's face. The frame was only three bucks...and it came with the picture! I bet he's watching right now and crying. We don't know if its a boy or a girl. I'm guessing its a boy, girls don't wear black like that." Arthur: "Girls don't wear puppet socks like that."