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-====== Donovan ====== 
-==Basic Info== 
-Name: Donovan\\ 
-Gender: Male\\ 
-State: Florida, dangerously close to the FPS studio (well, it's a 1-and-a-half-hour drive from my place, but you get the idea)\\ 
-Country: USA\\ 
-==About Me== 
-Well, I'm not a furry, to be perfectly honest. But I am an aspiring artist/puppeteer. And I'm on the Autism spectrum, too. 
-Usually after the show is over, I download the show onto my PlayStation 3 to watch or re-watch. 
-==Current projects I'm working on with this wiki== 
-  * Activities, where I detail all the activities in an episode that involved the channel (subservients, Are You Smarter Than KP?, MadLibs, etc.) 
-  * Complete song listings for each episode 
-I'm also taking requests for Name That Toon entries - please send both versions, the cropped version and the original, here: 
-==Where to find me elsewhere== 
-YouTube: \\ 
-Blog: \\ 
-Wysp: \\ 
-  * [[episodes:episode 713|June 12, 2016]] - First guest appearance on the Funday Pawpet Show. I puppeteered my character, Don, as well as performing [[Bitch Voop]] (possibly her first appearance in AGES) and [[WeeMoo]], not to mention several background puppets. All in all, the cast greatly enjoyed my presence, and I can't wait to come back (neither can they!).