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 +====== Crapolina Shorts ======
 +Crapolina Shorts is the mother of [[Crappy Doo]] and [[Puddin'​]]. She is also the sister of [[Mutt]].
 +===== Background =====
 +Crapolina was introduced in [[Episode 306]] as mother to both [[Crappy Doo]] and [[Puddin'​]] - and after some thinking it is decided that she has to be [[Mutt]]'​s sister since [[Crappy Doo]] was previously introduced as [[Mutt]]'​s nephew.
 +The original surname suggested by [[Poink]] was "​Schwarz"​ but everybody misheard it as "​Shorts"​ - which would make Crappy'​s full name "​Crappy Shorts"​. Needless to say he was not impressed.
 +Crapolina is voiced by [[Yappy Fox]].