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 +====== FPS Call In ======
 +===== Call in Rules =====
 +  * Note that we reserve the right to screen call in potentials before allowed to call in.
 +  * To possibly be selected as a callin, you must be in the Live chat room. You will see a message from the channel moderator (Puppet) requesting someone for a callin. If puppet chooses you, you must abide by these rules, and then he will give you the phone number to call into. Be sure to IMMEDIATELY call when you are told to in the Chat room. You cannot go by what you are hearing/​seeing in the video stream as it is lagged behind realtime.
 +  * We may refuse anyone to call in if we feel that they may not meet our content needs.
 +  * We generally only allow people to call in once, unless there is a particular subject matter that would deem someone to call in more than once.
 +  * Keep in mind that the subject matter discussed, and and replies you make to the show must fit within our rating guidline. Watch your language! No profanity please. We will end any call immedietely if we feel content gets out of hand. Do not use the call in as a way to express radical views that are not socially acceptable.
 +  * Use only a hard wire landline based telephone only. ABSOLUTELY no Cell phones, or IP based telephony services like dialpad or net2phone, as they artifact and are subject to propagation delays which are too annoying for interactive telephone conversation.
 +  * Turn down your computer during the conversation,​ We don't want to hear feedback from our stream coming back as it is annoying and disruptive.
 +  * Only have one phone extension in use, and speak loudly and clearly during the conversation