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 +====== Brunhilda "​Blitz"​ Shepherd ======
 +This spunky German Shepherd dog with an affinity for paws, is the youngest cast member and token fall guy of the group. ​ He's presumed to be from Germany (though he appears to be fluent in both Spanish, and Japanese), but we've yet to verify that information. ​ Brunhilda brings fun and laughs through everyday observations of the surroundings and experiences in his sheltered life.  Most of which result in various oddball shenanigans and misadventures,​ including the occasional teachings from the Pawpet gang about life, music and girls. ​ He still has some trouble discerning what they are, but he's sure to get it. Having a female name himself doesn'​t help much either. Brunhilda also enjoys a bit of Rock Band, Guitar Hero and singing during karaoke night on the show from time to time and is one heck of an impressionist (so he says). ​ You can always count on this spirited pooch to brighten your day.
 +His catch phrase "I don't even know what that iiiiiis!"​ makes for usually several laughs an episode and has inspired many an art-jam, as well as his own end of show moment "​Ignornance is Blitz"​. He is after all only half the age of most other cast members!
 +Brunhilda is voiced by [[Blitz]] and has an account at [[http://​www.furaffinity.net/​user/​blitzgshep/​|FurAffinity]].
 +==== Background ====
 +The nickname "​Blitz"​ came into being during his second episode when everybody referred to him as Blitz rather than Brunhilda and it became stuck - however he still was introduced as Brunhilda which is why Blitz is now his official moniker.