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 +====== BassMan ======
 +Steve Sandell, better known in the furry fandom as BassMan ("​Bass"​ pronounced like the fish or British ale) Is a traveling carnival worker who appeared on the show back on April 6, 2008. When on the show, he did the roll call, set up and demonstrated a bottle-up game, and did subservients as a clown.
 +In his second appearance on the show (Jan. 11th, 2009), He reprised his clown role as well as introduced 2 of his own pawpets: Irwyn (a converted Nanco alligator plushie) and Cizarny (a Folkmanis Glen Terrier). Near the end of the show, he also volunteered to be hypnotized into Pee Wee Herman.
 +When not traveling, BassMan resides in Burlington, IA even though he was born in Iowa City, IA. His fursona is a schnauzer who can often be seen wearing an Iowa Hawkeyes hat. Steve claims that he came up with the "​BassMan"​ moniker at the age of 16 when during Boy Scout summer camp, he accomplished an unusual feat: while the biggest fish in camp was normally awarded to a catfish, he caught the biggest fish that year, but it was a 19 and 1/2 inch-long (about 10 lbs. in weight) largemouth bass. The Moniker was enhanced in November, 2009 when he caught an even bigger bass weighing 13 lbs.
 +===== Pawpets =====
 +BassMan owns two pawpets, who he brought to the show Jan. 11, 2009:
 +Cizarney - Folkmanis Glen Terrier
 +Irwyn - Nanco Alligator