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-====== Bandit ====== 
-Bandit the border collie. Feb 14, 2003 - Jun 03, 2017. 
-===== Information ===== 
-Bandit, [[Yappy Fox]]'s pet dog, was introduced as a cast member during [[Episodes:Episode_171]]. He had a slightly difficult start to life((being sick when Yappy got him)) and - as evident during the episode - was slightly confused by the ruckus that is the pawpet show but quickly won the hearts of all of the cast and viewers alike. 
-He was part of almost all of the shows from his debut until [[Episodes:Episode_747]] which makes him one of the longest cast members of the show. 
-On June 3rd, 2017 [[:Yappy Fox]] announced the passing of Bandit on his twitter feed, [[|Twitter post]]. 
-His last appearance on the show was [[Episodes:Episode_747]]. On June 4th 2017, the show ran a rerun of [[Episodes:Episode_171]]. 
-===== Recurring themes ===== 
-Bandit - being the dog that he was - usually was known for being cute and chewing up things. More than one puppet met their demise through his teeth. [[Herbie]] usually brought along toys for him and the bets were up on how long they'd last. The record was during FIXME show? when he had finished the toy within several minutes of the show. 
-Since he was part of so many shows and chewed so many toys (and cables) he also was part of many an art jam.