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-====== Audrey ====== 
-Audrey is a neurotic, pill-popping ewe with luscious brown hair and too much mascara.  Either she's always sick with something or she's a hypochondriac, but it's clear that she's always in a bad mood.  Audrey openly expresses dislike for most of the pawpet cast, especially Poink.  Her usually rare but increasingly frequent appearances on the show are marked by endless tirades, in a Brooklyn accent, on how much her life sucks. 
-===== Background ===== 
-She was introduced during [[episodes:episode_249|Episode 249]] and according to her her mother calls her "accident" and her father calls her "mistake" or "steak" for short. 
-Her catch-phrase "I don't like you!" gives [[Ezra]] a giggle-fit. She uttered it first when she met [[Poink]]. 
-Audrey is voiced by [[Liesl]].