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-====== Atkelar ====== 
-{{ :atkelar.jpg|Icon by Brian Reynolds}} 
-Atkelar is an Austrian fur who submits pawpet videos in a semi regular fashion. Most of his videos can be found at YouTube after they aired on the show. Since he doesn't license music himself, any music video pawpet work he might do or might have done will remain "show and personal friends only". 
-Although Atkelar knew about FPS for several years he only started to watch in late August of 2007 - mostly because he didn't have a sufficient internet-connection... downloading the show at 64kbps was no fun at all and watching live was right out of the question... 
-The fact that he invests more time and efford into his productions than most other pawpet players - except for [[Yappy_Fox|Yappy]], of course :-) - makes it quite impossible to submit videos in a regular pattern - every three to five weeks is what's planned, though. His work frequently contains animated special effects and/or greenscreen work. 
-===== Submission List ===== 
-^Show # ^Date      ^Video                                 ^ 
-|    [[episodes:episode_364|364]]|2008-02-24|Music: Nickelback-Rockstar            | 
-|    [[episodes:episode_368|368]]|2008-03-23|Chocolate Bunny Death                 | 
-|                |How To: Make a Glowy Eye Puppet       | 
-|    [[episodes:episode_373|373]]|2008-05-04|[[RAID is not Backup|PSA: RAID not equal Backup]]            | 
-|    [[episodes:episode_376|376]]|2008-06-01|PIB Training Video #1                 | 
-|    [[episodes:episode_378|378]]|2008-06-15|Pawpet News #1                        | 
-|    [[episodes:episode_381|381]]|2008-07-13|Interactive Debugging                 | 
-|    [[episodes:episode_391|391]]|2008-10-12|Pawpet News #2                        | 
-|    [[episodes:episode_393|393]]|2008-10-26|The Raven                             | 
-|    [[episodes:episode_397|397]]|2008-11-30|How To: Ru(i)n Your Own Business      | 
-|    [[episodes:episode_400|400]]|2008-12-21|Christmas Movie Trailer 2008          | 
-|                |Christmas Chocolate Bunny Death 2008  | 
-|    [[episodes:episode_406|406]]|2009-02-08|Pawpet News #3        | 
-|    [[episodes:episode_413|413]]|2009-04-12|Chocolate Bunny Death 2009        | 
-|    [[episodes:episode_419|419]]|2009-06-07|Pawpet News #4 | 
-|    [[episodes:episode_420|420]]|2009-06-21|Pawpet News Flash: 420 Episode (3 parter)| 
-|    [[episodes:episode_426|426]]|2009-08-16|Introducing: Zap Ferret| 
-|    [[episodes:episode_427|427]]|2009-08-23|[[Ezra]] visits Vienna| 
-|  [[episodes:episode_428|428]]|2009-09-06|Get with the times!| 
-|  [[episodes:episode_429|429]]|2009-09-13|Goodbye Ringberg| 
-|  [[episodes:episode_434|434]]|2009-10-25|How to: Trick or Treat| 
-|  [[episodes:episode_438|438]]|2009-11-29|SRIAA - FPS 10th Anniversary| 
-|  [[episodes:episode_453|453]]|2010-03-21|Chocolate Bunny Death reinder| 
-|  [[episodes:episode_454|454]]|2010-04-04|Chocolate Bunny Death 2010| 
-|  [[episodes:episode_455|455]]|2010-04-18|Electricity revised| 
-|  [[episodes:episode_460|460]]|2010-05-23|Frucosiadas 1 - On the wheel together| 
-|  [[episodes:episode_467|467]]|2010-08-01|Frucosiadas 2 - Not yet jet packin'| 
-|  [[episodes:episode_480|480]]|2010-10-31|Pawpet News - Halloween 2010| 
-|  [[episodes:episode_489|489]]|2011-01-09|"Tribute" to VHS| 
-===== Characters ===== 
-As of December 2008 Atkelar has the following recurring characters in his videos: 
-  * [[John Mouser|John D. Mouser]] 
-  * [[Dr McSlug|Dr. McSlug]] 
-==== C.P. Tiger ==== 
-CP provides news coverage for the entertainment sector. The C.P. in his name stands for "Couch Potato" of course, since he has to keep up on his subject! 
-==== Mike R. Coon ==== 
-Mike is the weatherman for pawpet news. Although he really wanted to be covering business news, so he always sneaks business related news into his reports... as of now, nobody ever heard him say an actual weather report. 
-==== Al Shepherd ==== 
-Al Shepherd (Pun on Al Shepard of course :) is the pawpet news team's field reporter. He's a sheepdog, hence the pun in the name. 
-===== Links ===== 
-[[|Atkelar on FurAffinity]] 
-[[|Atkelar on YouTube]] 
-[[|Atkelar on LiveJournal]]