FPS Wiki Style Guide

What this Wiki is

All About Documentation

This site was dedicated (by Yappy Fox) for the collection of information about the Funday Pawpet Show and related.

Editable by both Staff and Viewer alike

Yappy Fox set this Wiki up to make it easier and less hassle to update information about the show by allowing the show's viewers to update the content on the site. Viewers have virtually unlimited control of the content, allowing for better information dissemination!

Writing Articles

Make use of readily available templates

In order to help you edit the Wiki more easily, templates are available for certain pages of the Wiki that are easily copied and pasted into the page you intend to edit.

Most templates are located in the 'wiki' namespace (see the site index) and are prefixed with the word 'template'.

Also check out the Episode Page Guidelines for reference.

Using Headlines Correctly

Correct spelling and grammar are key

Editing Articles

Use of the 'edit summary' box is killer!

Sometimes the changes that are made to a Wiki page are not readily visible to the naked eye. Writing a brief description of the changes made in the 'edit summary' box on the bottom of every edit page is greatly appreciated by all the Wiki patrons.

Removing Articles

While it might be appropriate to rename a page when more information becomes available, be sure not to “remove” and “recreate” the page in question as this will break all links to the existing page. Such an action is only appropriate when you either:

  • …are sure that no link exists - i.e. you rename a page you just created yourself.
  • …take care to update each and every link in the wiki yourself while keeping the old version with a redirection note to the new version. Such a note could look like this:
 This page has been moved to //link-to-new-page// and the links are currently being updated.

Please be polite and ask before you tear apart other peoples work - add and improve but take a few minutes to ask your fellow co-authors what they had in mind when they created something you deem ugly or wrong… there might be more to it than meets the eye! However, a wiki moderator may make immediate changes to your work on short notice. Moderators exist to make sure that the integrity of the wiki is maintained for consistent quality information. This does not mean, though, that a moderator can just do whatever they want, whenever they want. See the Moderator Code of Ethics for more information.

Why all that fuzz?

The main idea of a 'wiki' is that you can have links to pages (topics) that don't yet exist. These show up red rather than green usually. While this feature allows for quick content creation, it can be quite cumbersome when maintaining that same content.

Whenever you delete a page from the wiki, all links to that page are now again “links to non existing content”. This means that when a wiki-author comes across a “missing link” they can choose to create that page and will likely do so.

In the interest of a working wiki pages that are linked should only be removed if all links to them are updated as well. But since this has to be done manually, it is considered a good idea not to remove or rename pages without a second opinion.

If you do find it necessary to remove or rename a page, please discuss it in the Deletions or Renames page first.