Radiolawn is a radio show produced by Ricochet that is aired at 4:00 PM EST Sunday during the Funday Pawpet pre-show.

About Radiolawn

Radiolawn is comprised of a half hour smorgasboard of comedy, music, nonsense, editorial, Brainwash, oddness and whatever the hell else Toad Leaderpiece has in his collection of 35 years of audio noodlings from a GE tape recorder and Certron cassettes to the digital bilge of today.

The newest Radiolawn airs on FPS pre-show in high quality. Past episodes for download/streaming and other information is available on the Radiolawn website

Radiolawn Cast

The Radiolawn show is brought together by a band of radio hacks and nuggetheads:

Toad Leaderpiece is the apparent director and mastermind behind the show. Tell your friends.

Quince Edward Flatulence III hosts the show, and hails from Britain, and boasts a fake British accent. Meatpie!

Gush Limbarge provides the right right really really right point of view. (It is noted that there is a difference between Republican and Republicannnnnnnn.)

Carrie Alice Allen is the token female of the show. She is compared to a warm old elementary school teacher with 'huge knockers, granny glasses and a fondness for “pools”.

Daniel Pentastar, the show's blue-collar man, enjoys trucks and beer. Daniel builds Jeeps for a living, and owns a bar. PBR him ASAP.

Dad, is a McDonald's manager, and has been for many years. He is the father figure to the rest of the cast. It is recommended that you not touch his Jujubes.