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Donovan Wesner [Last Words (and Actions)]
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   * [[:Carrot]] playing the Matchgame is the source of much laughter   * [[:Carrot]] playing the Matchgame is the source of much laughter
   * Tuninator   * Tuninator
-  * Last Episode to end with the Muppets closing song!+  * Last Episode to end with the Muppet Show end theme!
 ===== Videos shown ===== ===== Videos shown =====
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   * **Terry** "By the way, we're just giving out the cyanide"​   * **Terry** "By the way, we're just giving out the cyanide"​
 +^     ​[[:​season 1|Season One (1999-2000)]] episodes ​    ^
 +|  [[episodes: episode 1|1]]*[[episodes:​episode 2|2]]*[[episodes:​episode 3|3]]*[[episodes:​episode 4|4]]*[[episodes:​episode 5|5]]*[[episodes:​episode 6|6]]*[[episodes:​episode 7|7]]*[[episodes:​episode 8|8]]*[[episodes:​episode 9|9]]*[[episodes:​episode 10|10]]*[[episodes:​ episode 11|11]]*[[episodes:​ episode 12|12]]*[[episodes:​ episode 13|13]]*[[episodes:​ episode 14|14]]*[[episodes:​ episode 15|15]]*[[episodes:​ episode 16|16]]*[[episodes:​ episode 17|17]]*[[episodes:​ episode 18|18]]*[[episodes:​ episode 19|19]]*[[episodes:​episode 20|20]]\\ [[episodes: episode 21|21]]*[[episodes:​ episode 22|22]]*[[episodes:​ episode 23|23]]*[[episodes:​ episode 24|24]]*[[episodes:​ episode 25|25]]*[[episodes:​ episode 26|26]]*[[episodes:​ episode 27|27]]*[[episodes:​ episode 28|28]]*[[episodes:​ episode 29|29]]*[[episodes:​episode 30|30]]*[[episodes:​ episode 31|31]]*[[episodes:​ episode 32|32]]*[[episodes:​ episode 33|33]]*[[episodes:​ episode 34|34]]*[[episodes:​ episode 35|35]]*[[episodes:​ episode 36|36]]\\ [[episodes: episode 37|37]]*[[episodes:​ episode 38|38]]*[[episodes:​ episode 39|39]]*[[episodes:​episode 20|40]]*[[episodes:​ episode 41|41]]*[[episodes:​ episode 42|42]]*[[episodes:​ episode 43|43]]*[[episodes:​ episode 44|44]]*[[episodes:​ episode 45|45]]*[[episodes:​ episode 46|46]]*[[episodes:​ episode 47|47]]*[[episodes:​ episode 48|48]]*[[episodes:​ episode 49|49]]*[[episodes:​episode 50|50]]*51 ​ |