Episode: 423a, Megaplex live show

The show aired live from Megaplex via UStream. It was combined with the Fursuit Variety Show.

This show aired between Episode 423 and Episode 424

Cast and Staff


  • Megaplex attendees
  • Big Blue Fox (Semi-Subservient)
  • Flipside (Subservient)
  • Rasvar

Show Highlights

  • Poink got arrested and tells the story (see his LJ-Post)
  • Magic act, white tiger and explosive card trick
  • Dance act: Shywolf
  • Rummage tells Liesl to pick up the cards barefoot and Liesl throws her shoes at him.
  • Roll call is performed by the live audience, revealing Simba in the audience and not on stage! Also Uncle Kage introduced himself as 2 Gryphon and Big Blue Fox introduced himself as Uncle Kage.
  • Hugh Manatee presents a magic trick: Dog doing impressions (Simba apparenly got behind the stage)
  • The cast is doing a rap song… sorta.
  • Somebody brought a tigercat puppet that says “verpiss dich” (German: “piss off”)
  • Dance act FIXME Fursuit name?
  • Uncle Kage puppets Audrey to “Fox in Socks” (dubbed “Kage arm burn 2.0”)
  • Uncle Kage chases Flipside out of the room wielding a baseball bat, returns a bit later and throws Flipside's head behinde the stage.
  • Jess and Liesl sing “Happy Birthday”.
  • Wag does a comedy act - although the two dead microphones and missed music cue already were funny.
  • Three traffic cones sing “Safety Dance”.

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Jackrabbit says goodbye to the audience and thanks to the participants.