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   * Pawpet Music Video: Don't worry, be happy! - Pawpets West   * Pawpet Music Video: Don't worry, be happy! - Pawpets West
   * Pawpet Music Video: Big girls don't cry - Pawpets West   * Pawpet Music Video: Big girls don't cry - Pawpets West
 +====Who Wants to Win a Dollar?====
 +Starts at around 1:26:00 in the download. A game show where contestants (the guests) answer questions to win $1.
 +__**Pre-Qualification Question**__\\
 +What movie is this phrase from - "You can't throw his head, you got to throw your own head!"
 +  * Provos'​s answer: //​Labyrinth//​
 +  * Correct answer: //​Labyrinth//​
 +__**One Cent**__\\
 +What is Scooby-Doo'​s favorite food?
 +  * A) Scooby Snacks (correct answer)
 +  * B) Yummy Dog Food
 +  * C) French fries
 +  * D) Chocolate chip cookies
 +Provos'​s answer: A
 +__**Five Cents**__\\
 +What is the name of the penguin in the comic strip, //Bloom County//?
 +  * A) Opus (correct answer)
 +  * B) Bill
 +  * C) Flipper
 +  * D) Chilly Willy
 +Provos'​s answer: A
 +__**Ten Cents**__\\
 +Who wrote the book //Animal Farm//?
 +  * A) H.G. Wells
 +  * B) E.B. White
 +  * C) George Orwell (correct answer)
 +  * D) Yappy Fox
 +Provos'​s answer: C
 +__**25 Cents**__\\
 +What comedy team starred in the movies //​Horsefeathers//​ and //Duck Soup//?
 +  * A) Laurel and Hardy
 +  * B) Abbott and Costello
 +  * C) The Three Stooges
 +  * D) The Marx Brothers (correct answer)
 +Provos'​s answer: D (lifeline - audience)
 +__**50 Cents**__\\
 +On the TV show //Coach//, what was the mascot for Minnesota State University?
 +  * A) Steel Wolverines
 +  * B) Flying Squirrels
 +  * C) Fighting Falcons
 +  * D) Screaming Eagles (correct answer)
 +Provos'​s answer: D (lifeline - calling SK-1)
 +What is the first name of Mr. Snuffleupagus?​
 +  * A) Aloyisus (correct answer)
 +  * B) Cornelius
 +  * C) Fredrick
 +  * D) Zachary
 +Provos'​s answer: B
 +Provos lost EVERYTHING!!! Consolation prize: a free trip to the tattoo parlor to get an "​L"​ on his forehead.
 +====Furry Mad Libs====
 +Starts at around 3:02:28 in the download.
 +**Read by:** [[:Arthur]]
 +**"​Working at a Temp Job"​**\\
 +This week, I had to work at a temp job for the Dirty Cellophane Company. I thought it might be a giant assignment because I needed someone to pounce a lot of suits and stuff them into snakes. I was totally surprised when I saw SK-1 down there, and saw him holding a lederhosen with a nun stuffed in his uniform pocket. "Golly gee willickers!"​ I shouted. "What are you doing with that? I'm supposed to unsubscribe every turkey that I get with it. And if I find a loose hair in the batch, I'm supposed to bring it to my supervisor, Ezra. He is looking for as many as he can find." I continue trying to watch as idiotically as I could. But it was hard, because as soon as I would finish, a plushie would appear and make things go slower. I had to keep this up for 42 hours. Little did I realize that the company wanted to give me a bunch of platypi as comp pay. I seriously thought about it, but decided to turn the page. I needed cash more. Although next time, if I do an assignment there again, I'll ask if I can get some free puppets in advance. That would be most excellent.
 ===== "Last Words" (and Actions) ===== ===== "Last Words" (and Actions) =====